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Who are you designing?


Whether you're designing her for the next major Super-hero movie, or a TripleAAA Sci-fi game, GANdesign is the ultimate tool to explore limitless creative possibilities, while still hitting your deadline.

The images above are only 4 of the thousands of faces that were 'painted' with GANdesign.

And it only took a few seconds.

You're reading a script from your studio's next Sci-fi video game. You're visualizing the main character; is she be a a rebellious free-spirit from Seoul, perhaps inspired by Jamie Chung?

Or is she an elegant heroine that has features like Emma Stone? Maybe a Zoe Kravitz-like musician/model?

You can explore all these design choices in only a few moments.

Check out these features:


You can generate endless variations of an entirely new face, using base photo's that have the features that inspired your vision. Start with images of Jamie Chung, Emma Stone and Zoe Kravitz, and see the infinite amount of faces you can create in seconds.

Thinner nose? Warmer complexion? Longer hair, less makeup, and a bit more of a smouldering expression?


Mix Ugandan and Germanic features. Go from a smile to a smirk. Dye her hair and de-age her a couple years.


Seamlessly slide from feature to feature, making edits and iterations on the fly.


These were some of the final faces generated by GANdesign; so much character in every sketch.


who are you going to design today?


Build a body to accompany your face design here:

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