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Full-Body Generation


1000 designs in the blink of an eye.

That's what every game artist needs

when designing the next Techno-Punk 2049 Superhero.

Armor or body-suit? 

More heroic proportions, or should she be more feminine?

Do you like the pink or the red better?

There are a million ideas you want to try

with every design... and production timelines are intense. 

You have to be on your artistic A-Game every moment when designing a hero character.

With GANdesign in your tool-kit,

you can try every design you ever wanted to,

without having to stay at the office until midnight

to meet your deadlines.

Mix and match body-types, try out every type of clothing, from shirts to pants, to dresses and suits.

Knights, ninjas, astronauts, princesses.

Fantasy, Sci-fi, modern, avante-garde.

The ideas are endless. Go ahead and try them all.


Starting with a thousand thumbnail sketches, concept artist Xander Smith uses GANdesign to come up with ideas for a cyber-punk game character in a production pipeline.

Cleaned-up final sketches

Final production-ready art

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